SMART CAE: Our new smart simulation software

Smart-CAE: Our new thermal simulation software

To ensure the quality of our services, our company is equipped with the latest generation simulation software: SMART-CAE.

Software compatible with our equipment

Recently equipped with tools to measure the thermal and physical characteristics of materials, Ater Métrologie continues to invest in tools allowing it to expand its business. The objective is to test the thermal efficiency of products as quickly and as cheaply as possible, analyse the causes of malfunctions or even optimise their design.
Today, Ater Métrologie is equipped with the latest generation simulation tool: SMART-CAE, dedicated to temperature controlled logistics, offering very short calculation times.

How does SMART CAE work?

Smart-CAE software reproduces the temperature conditions that your system, which may be equipped with phase-change materials, will be subjected to and assesses the thermal efficiency.
In order to do this, our experts create a virtual prototype of your product. This will then be simulated in record time under the external conditions that you have predefined (temperature, sunlight, etc.).
Every assessment is stored in the software database so that it can then be used and analysed by our thermal experts. They can then provide you with key information so that you can find the best solution for your cold chain challenges quicker and more cost-effectively.

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