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Need help? We are available to provide information.

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Cutting-edge climatic testing and metrology equipment

Just like the largest international metrology and testing laboratories, Ater Métrologie is equipped with advanced technological software and equipment.

Climatic and thermostatic test chambers

Like the largest metrology and testing laboratories in the world, Ater Metrologie has advanced technology equipment and softwares. The laboratory is equipped with:

  • 12 programmable climatic and thermostatic test chambers. They have a payload capacity of 1 to 16 m3 and can generate temperatures of between -80°C and +50°C inclusive.
  • 1 climatic enclosure of 170 m3 to test vehicles and large containers. This climatic chamber can simulate temperature profiles from -5°C to +50°C, with regulation of the humidity level.
  • 4 stabilisation chambers.

Temperature range :

-80°C to +50°C

Payload :

1 to 170 m3

Humidity :

According to temperature

Digital thermal simulation software

Ater Métrologie is equipped with Smart CAE digital thermal simulation software. It allows thermal simulations of equipment incorporating phase-change materials to study the behaviour of the equipment at varying room temperatures.

Wavelength metere

The wavelength meter measures the coefficient of thermal conductivity to find out the ability of the material to conduct heat.

Test temperature range :

-10 °C/+75 °C

Measured coefficient range :

0,005 / 0,35 W/m.K

Maximum sample size :

300 x 300 x 100 mm

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

This machine carries out calorimetric studies of phase-change materials. It evaluates energy phenomena related to the change in temperature of the material so as to study its thermal properties.

Temperature range :

from – 70 °C to + 600 °C

Enthalpy accuracy :

< 1 %

Resolution :

0.25 Μv

Types of products tested:

Phase-change materials, polymers.


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