Customised thermal efficiency tests to respond to every need

Need help? We are available to provide information.

+33 (0)3 59 25 05 21 Contact us by e-mail Ask for a quote

Need help? We are available to provide information.

+33 (0)3 59 25 05 21 Contact us by e-mail Ask for a quote

Would you like to know how your product behaves under specific environmental conditions? Would you like to qualify a device according to an externally defined temperature profile?

Verify the thermal resistance of your materials and equipment

Ater Métrologie performs climatic and thermal efficiency testing under specific, even extreme, humidity and temperature conditions. These tests assess the reliability and guarantee the resistance and function of your materials and equipment when exposed to heat, cold and humidity.

A unique thermal testing service with every project

Every project is unique and responds to different requirements and constraints.

Ater Métrologie studies your request and defines your needs to provide you with a customised temperature testing service according to your test protocol. The test protocol helps the testing laboratory to understand all the thermal constraints to be applied to the product or device. We can assist you in writing it.

Following thermal testing, Ater Métrologie will systematically provide you with a test report. Upon request, the laboratory will issue a comprehensive qualification dossier. This document certifies the conformity of the product with the applicable market or regulatory requirements. It is enforceable and shall prevail in case of a dispute.

Thermal efficiency testing for all types of devices

Ater Métrologie is equipped with a wide range of high-performance thermal and climatic chambers for carrying out tests. The chambers can accommodate devices with a volume of between 1 and 16 m3. Packaging, various components, polymers or plastic parts, Ater Métrologie tests all types of materials and devices.
These tests can be conducted under temperature conditions from -80°C to +50°C, with management of the humidity level according to the required temperature conditions.

Characteristics of thermal efficiency testing equipment:

Chamber volume

1 to 16 m3

Temperature range

-80 °C/+50 °C


+/-1 °C


According to the required temperature conditions


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