A certified testing laboratory

ATER METROLOGIE has certifications and accreditations that guarantee the quality of its services. The laboratory carries out thermal tests in strict compliance with the highest requirements of certification bodies in accordance with the regulations and standards in force.

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Need help? We are available to provide information.

+33 (0)3 59 25 05 21 Contact us by e-mail Ask for a quote

ISO 9001 certification: a guarantee of quality

The ATER METROLOGIE laboratory is ISO 9001 certified. The ISO 9001 standard guarantees that the laboratory has set up a quality management system and that the whole structure operates according to the principle of continuous improvement.

ATER METROLOGIE is committed to a customer-oriented approach and a process approach that guarantees the quality of its services.

Among the control points regularly audited: its organisation, its operation and the monitoring of its customers’ satisfaction.

An ISTA-certified testing laboratory

As part of its work for the pharmaceutical sector, ATER METROLOGIE has ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) certification for the thermal and mechanical validation of packaging solutions.

This certification attests that the ATER METROLOGIE laboratory is qualified and equipped to test the performance of equipment and materials in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, in accordance with the procedures defined by ISTA.

The ISTA certification of the laboratory is renewed every 2 years.

COFRAC connection: reliable and secure data

Ater Métrologie has measuring equipment connected to national standards via a Cofrac-certified laboratory, which guarantees the accuracy and reproducibility of thermal test results.

The measuring equipment and the computer system of the test laboratory ensure perfect data security. The laboratory benefits from a partnership with Eurotherm (Invensys Group), one of the world leaders in recording, control, process monitoring and data management.

The Eurotherm software used by Ater Métrologie complies with the requirements of the 21 CFR Part 11 standard on security, integrity and traceability of sensitive data.

Thermal testing centre approved by Cemafroid

ATER METROLOGIE is a test centre approved by Cemafroid for the renewal of the technical compliance certificate (ATP certificate) for equipment used to transport perishable foodstuffs under controlled temperatures.

–> More information on the ATP certification service

A Certicold Pharma approved laboratory

ATER METROLOGIE is a Certicold Pharma qualified thermal testing centre.

Certicold Pharma is a European label that guarantees the performance and quality of cold chain equipment for the transport and storage of pharmaceutical products.

ATER METROLOGIE is authorised to issue or renew the label for the following cold chain equipment

  • transport equipment (refrigerated vehicles)
  • storage solutions (refrigerated enclosures and cold rooms)

As a test centre approved by Cemafroid, ATER METROLOGIE carries out thermal qualification tests in accordance with the requirements defined in the CERTICOLD CC-01 specifications, for cold chain equipment intended for the transport of health products.

–> More information on the Certicold Pharma labelling service

ATER METROLOGIE is a member of the French College of Metrology (CFM)

The French College of Metrology (CFM) is the leading association in France for industrial measurement. Founded in 2002, it now has more than 450 members from all industrial sectors: laboratories and technical centres, manufacturers and service providers, users of measuring equipment, academics, etc.

The CFM aims to

  • to disseminate knowledge, good metrology practices and control of the measurement process in the industrial and economic fabric;
  • to promote meetings and exchanges between high-level scientific metrology – from major laboratories and research organisations – and more applied and practical metrology used in companies on a daily basis, through technical days on measurement, international metrology congresses and technical documentation.


The CFM’s work is supported by the French Ministry of Industry and the French Accreditation Committee at the national level, and by European and international bodies in the field: national metrology laboratories, the International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML), the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), the European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA) and Euramet.

Benefit from the Research Tax Credit

The services of the ATER METROLOGIE laboratory are eligible for the Research Tax Credit up to 30% by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Would you like to benefit from this? Do not hesitate to call on our teams to assist you in your administrative procedures.


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