Renew the technical certificate (ATP) of your refrigerated transport equipment

ATER METROLOGIE is a thermal testing centre approved by the Cemafroid for the renewal of the technical conformity certificate (ATP) for refrigerated transport vehicles and containers.

Need help? We are available to provide information.

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Need help? We are available to provide information.

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Which machines are affected by ATP and why?

Vehicles used for the transport of perishable foodstuffs at controlled temperatures in France and other European countries must have a technical compliance certificate.

This obligation concerns vans, trucks, refrigerated semi-trailers, but also containers and packaging for the cold chain transport.

This conformity refers to the ATP agreement, signed by 44 countries, which sets out the requirements for the means necessary for the transport of perishable foodstuffs and defines the provisions for checking the conformity of equipment.

Some countries, including France, apply the ATP to all equipment operating in their territory.

The technical conformity attestation (ATP) verifies, before they are put into service and then periodically, that vehicles used for the national or international transport of perishable foodstuffs and fitted with isothermal, refrigerating or freezing equipment have been declared fit for such use.

The first ATP certificate, issued by Cemafroid, is valid for 6 years. It must be renewed periodically after 6 years, then every 3 years. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that the refrigerated equipment is capable of producing the cold and maintaining the temperatures necessary for the proper preservation of foodstuffs during transport.

How can I renew my ATP certificate?

The renewal of the ATP certificate applies to all refrigerated vehicles or temperature-controlled equipment of any size, in service, sold or modified :

  • Vehicle in service: the ATP certificate must be renewed after 6 years, and then every 3 years in one of the test centres approved by Cemafroid;
  • Equipment sold or modified: as soon as an intervention on the equipment considerably modifies its characteristics, you must obtain a new ATP certificate. When a refrigerated vehicle is purchased, the new owner must request a new ATP certificate.

For new or imported temperature-controlled transport vehicles or equipment, the ATP certificate is issued by Cemafroid after an audit and tests in an ATP test station. It is valid for 6 years.

For imported equipment, if it has an ATP certificate from the country of origin, the documents must be provided to Cemafroid, which will check their validity. Otherwise, an ATP certificate must be issued by Cemafroid.

Why call on ATER METROLOGIE to renew your ATP certificate?

The ATP certificate sets out a series of standards that refrigerated equipment must meet, and the methods for checking the conformity of this equipment.

Accredited thermal test centre by CemafroidLike more than 200 approved test centres in France, the ATER METROLOGIE laboratory is approved by Cemafroid to renew the ATP certificates of refrigerated transport equipment.

By calling on the ATER METROLOGIE laboratory team, you are opting for a highly responsive local team at affordable prices*, which has the testing equipment of the largest testing laboratories.


Are you reaching the end of your ATP certificate’s validity? Contact the ATER METROLOGIE team to renew your certificate in a very short time and at low cost*.


* Price of the ATP certificate renewal service: 490€ HT + 60€ HT marking fees. For more information, contact us.


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