A fast and affordable thermal simulation tool

Ater Métrologie laboratory is equipped with a high-performance thermal simulation software. The aim? To improve responsiveness and limit thermal efficiency testing so as to support its clients in their projects. Read on to find out more.

A fast and affordable thermal simulation tool

Ater Métrologie is equipped with the latest generation thermal simulation tool: Smart-CAE. With the aim of assessing the thermal efficiency of temperature-controlled packaging solutions quickly and cheaply, it can also analyse irregularities and optimise the design.

How does Smart-CAE work?

The Smart-CAE software reproduces the temperature conditions that the insulated packaging solution, with or without phase-change material, will be subjected to. The aim is to assess its thermal efficiency, under these conditions, without the need for thermal or climatic chamber testing.

In order to do this, our teams create a virtual prototype and assess, in record time, its efficiency under previously defined external climatic conditions (temperature, sunlight, etc.).

Each simulation is stored in the software database so that it can then be used and analysed by our experts. Our experts will then be able to provide you with key information to quickly find the best and most economical solution.

The laboratory offers this digital thermal simulation service to everyone involved in the design, manufacture, or use of cold chain packaging solutions.

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