Ater Métrologie will assist you in the success of your development projects

As an independent thermal measurement and test centre, Ater Métrologie assists companies in highly-specialised industries with their innovation projects. For more than 20 years, companies have relied on the thermal expertise of its multidisciplinary team to help them organise their research and development projects.


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A fast and affordable thermal simulation tool

Ater Métrologie laboratory is equipped with a high-performance thermal simulation software. The aim? To improve responsiveness and limit thermal efficiency testing so as to support its clients in their projects. Read on to find out more. A fast and affordable ...
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The laboratory team, just a click away…

The Ater Métrologie laboratory website now has live chat to facilitate communication with the laboratory teams. Find out more below. You may have noticed, earlier this week, a small round icon appeared in the lower right of your screen while ...
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Climatic tests, thermal measurements... Discover the different services of Ater Métrologie