Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum size of the equipment that can be tested?

The biggest chambers have a payload of 16m3 with a doorway of 1.3m*2m

What is the purpose of measuring the thermal conductivity of a material?

Thermal conductivity is a performance indicator of a material. It helps to position it in relation to other insulating materials.

In the construction industry this measurement is compulsory for a material to be placed on the market.

What is ISTA certification?

ISTA is an American association which has developed thermal and mechanical validation protocols for packaging solutions.

It offers certification for testing laboratories through the provision of a technical dossier. This dossier demonstrates the capability of the laboratory to perform tests in accordance with their protocols.

This certification must be renewed every 2 years.

What is the purpose of thermal simulation?

Thermal simulation helps to avoid the implementation of tests which can be costly.

It also saves time in a development project by eliminating certain avenues.

ATERMETROLOGIE’s thermal simulation software is applied to temperature-controlled shipping packaging.

What is the cost of thermal testing?

ATERMETROLOGIE does not publish a price list, but instead provides free cost estimates.

Given that test protocols are often very specific, cost estimates are calculated on a case by case basis taking into account the material and the staff members needed to carry out the tests.

This allows for optimisation of the price of the service and the benefit of a personalised offer.