Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum size of the equipment that can be tested?

The largest test chamber has a useful volume of 170m3. The other test chambers offer a useful volume of 16m3, with a doorway of 1.3m x 2m.

What is the purpose of measuring the thermal conductivity of a material?

Thermal conductivity is an indicator of material performance. It enables it to be positioned in relation to other insulating materials. In the building sector, this measurement is mandatory for the material to be placed on the market.

What is ISTA certification?

The ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) is an American association that has developed thermal and mechanical validation protocols for packaging solutions. It offers certification to testing laboratories by providing a technical file. This file will prove the capacity of the laboratory to carry out the tests according to their protocols. This certification must be renewed every 2 years.

What is Certicold Pharma certification?

Certicold Pharma is a European label that guarantees the quality and performance of cold chain equipment for the transport or storage of health products. It was developed at the initiative of Cemafroid by health and refrigeration professionals to :

  • help professionals in the choice of equipment for transporting and storing heat-sensitive pharmaceutical products,
  • recognise at European level the quality equipment used to respect the cold chain,
  • ensure the European regulatory compliance imposed by the Good Distribution Practices (GDP),
  • guarantee high refrigeration performance and compliance with the temperatures required by the regulations.

How much does a thermal test cost?

ATER METROLOGIE does not have a price list but offers free estimates. As the test protocols are often very specific to the product, equipment or material being tested, and to the specifications, the quotations are calculated on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the equipment and personnel required to carry out the tests. This allows us to optimise the price of the service and to make a personalised offer.


Do you issue the ATP certificate?

ATER METROLOGIE is a thermal testing centre approved by Cemafroid for the renewal of the ATP certificate. We do not deliver the initial certificate, which is only delivered by Cemafroid.

I want to certify Certicold Pharma my cold chain equipment, can you do it?

ATER METROLOGIE is authorised to issue the initial certification and to renew the Certicold Pharma label, but only for transport equipment (refrigerated vehicles) and storage solutions (refrigerated enclosures and cold rooms). Ater Métrologie is not authorised to issue or renew the Certicold Pharma label for insulated and refrigerated packaging solutions.

What are the possible temperature ranges for thermal testing?

ATER METROLOGIE has 12 test chambers with a maximum volume of 16m3 which allow any type of product, material or equipment to be tested between -80°C and +50°C, with humidity regulation.

The 170m3 XXL thermal test chamber allows equipment to be tested between -5°C and +50°C, with humidity regulation.

Can you test vehicles with running engines?

The 170 m3 test chamber is equipped with a gas extractor to test vehicles with running engines.