Ater Métrologie becomes a Certicold Pharma testing centre

For more than 20 years, Ater Métrologie has been testing, qualifying and validating the thermal efficiency of cold chain management solutions for the shipment of healthcare products. The thermal testing laboratory is now Certicold Pharma certified: it is able to issue the Certicold Pharma certification label to cold chain equipment intended for the shipment and storage of pharmaceutical products.

A specialist in climatic testing of healthcare product shipping solutions

For more than 20 years, Ater Métrologie has been conducting thermal testing on cold chain shipping solutions used by the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies. Through temperature testing for the qualification of solutions, Ater Métrologie guarantees the thermal efficiency of packaging solutions used for shipping healthcare products, under simulated environmental conditions that are as close as possible to real life.

Rigour, precision and expertise are essential in a sector where compliance and requirements are applicable. As part of its work with pharmaceutical companies, the laboratory is ISTA certified and its measurement capabilities are connected to national standards through a COFRAC certified laboratory.

Now, the laboratory is Certicold Pharma certified. It performs thermal testing on cold chain equipment for healthcare products in strict compliance with Certicold Pharma* specification procedures, and is able to certify the equipment.

Ater Métrologie becomes a Certicold Pharma testing centre

Certicold Pharma qualified testing centre
A Certicold Pharma qualified testing centre

Certicold Pharma, is a European quality label for cold chain healthcare product equipment. It has been developed at the initiative of Cemafroid, by refrigeration and healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals. It helps to:

• assist professionals in choosing equipment to ship and store heat-sensitive products,

• identify, at a European level, quality equipment used for cold chain compliance,

• ensure European regulatory compliance imposed by Good Distribution Practice (GDP),

• guarantee greater cooling efficiency and compliance with temperatures required by regulations.

Ater Métrologie is now authorised to perform tests needed to initially issue or renew a Certicold Pharma certification label for cold chain pharmaceutical product equipment – whether for packaging solutions, transport units (refrigerated vehicles) or storage solutions (refrigerators and cold chambers).

The expertise of the largest thermal efficiency testing laboratories

Ater métrologie climatic chambers
Ater Métrologie climatic chambers

Ater Métrologie conducts thermal measurements and climatic tests that determine the performance and resistance of equipment and materials to heat, cold and humidity. Its 13 thermostatic and climatic chambers can reproduce environmental conditions from -80°C to + 180°C, with or without humidity. For the past year, the laboratory has been equipped with an XXL climatic chamber measuring 170m3 to test and qualify refrigerated vehicles. 

Its team of heat experts, engineers and technicians, monitor test and qualification projects in accordance with the defined specifications, providing advice and support throughout the service.

To find out more about the laboratory services and for support with a pilot project or thermal measurements, contact Ater Métrologie.

*In order to be Certicold Pharma certified, cold chain equipment for healthcare products must comply with the requirements established by the CERTICOLD CC-01 specifications.

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