To ensure the quality, reliability and security of data of thermal tests and measurements, Ater Metrology works with trusted partners.

Need help? We are available to provide information.

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Need help? We are available to provide information.

+33 (0)3 59 25 05 21 Contact us by e-mail Ask for a quote

We are proud to work closely with prestigious partners:


NETZSCH-Gerätebau is a leader in the development of high precision Thermal Analysis (TA) instruments. NETZSCH operates globally marketing a wide range of techniques such as differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) coupled with gas analysers (MS/FTIR/GC-MS), dilatometers (DIL/TMA), conductivity meters (HFM/GHP/LFA) and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA). All of these techniques permit the physical and chemical study of materials as well as the determination of thermo-physical values such as specific heat, thermal conductivity and the coefficient of thermal expansion between -180°C and 2800°C.

TA Instruments

TA Instruments is a company specialising in scientific instrumentation. TA Instruments equipment covers a complete range of physical and chemical analyses.
The company is a leader in thermal analysis instruments (DSC, TGA, TMA, DVS), rheology (rheometers and DMA), microcalorimetry (Nano ITC, Nano DSC and TAM) and thermal and physical properties (thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, dilatometry and fatigue tests). Accompanied by a support team and SAV in France, TA Instruments assists its clients with training to help them get the most out of their instruments.


CETHIL is a joint research unit (UMR 5008) of INSA Lyon, CNRS and Claude-Bernard Lyon 1 University. The laboratory staff is made up of about 130 people. The applications of the work carried out at CETHIL are varied, in sectors such as electronics, nuclear, aeronautics and space, automotive, housing, and renewable energies. The laboratory’s research covers a wide range of fields of thermal and its application to various energy systems. It is one of the only laboratories at national and international level that continuously processes such a wide range of length and temperature scales: from nanostructure to building, from liquid helium to combustion to grout of ice.


Eurotherm is a supplier of control and measurement instruments to industrial and process markets. They are part of Schneider Electric, an electricity distribution, automation management and producer of installation components for energy management company. Eurotherm manufacture at a number of locations in Europe and the USA.


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Dear customers, dear partners, In this particular period, know that the whole team of the Ater Metrologie laboratory is mobilized. Despite the situation, we are able to continue all our thermal testing and measurement activities, in strict compliance with the ...
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During its participation in the SEPEM Industries Trade Show in Rouen in late January 2020, Ater Métrologie presented its thermal efficiency test laboratory by video. This video was an immersion in a testing laboratory that is ready to take on ...
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