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The Ater Métrologie temperature testing laboratory

Ater Métrologie tests and qualifies the thermal resistance of your products, materials and equipment

The largest testing laboratory specialising in climatic tests

Are you a manufacturer or an equipment supplier wanting to determine the thermal properties of your products, materials or equipment?
Ater Métrologie conducts temperature shock tests and thermal tests under predefined environmental conditions or by simulating extremes of temperature, in order to establish the reliability and guarantee the strength and operating characteristics of your products when exposed to heat, cold and humidity.

20 years of expertise satisfying the requirements of the most highly-specialised industries

Ater Métrologie employs a team of engineers and technicians who are experts in climatic tests and thermal analyses.

The environmental testing laboratory has been audited by the best-known names in the pharmaceutical industry (GSK, Pfizer, BMS and others) on whose behalf it has been conducting temperature tests for over 20 years.

Its experienced staff and its cutting edge equipment are deployed in numerous industrial applications in highly-specialised industries, such as chemicals, transport, distribution, logistics, the motor industry, food processing, construction, cosmetics and consumer goods. The laboratory conducts over 2,000 tests every year (equivalent to 34,000 hours of testing per year).


A customised climatic testing service to satisfy every requirement

Environmental simulation testing designed for every project

Do you want to test the operating characteristics of an electronic component, the behaviour of an industrial textile product or a plastic component by simulating environmental conditions under extreme temperatures? Do you want to qualify a temperature controlled packaging solution on the basis of a defined profile of ambient outside temperatures?

Each project is specific and satisfies different requirements and demands. Ater Métrologie studies each request and consults with you in order to define your requirements and provide you with a customised temperature testing service based on your test protocol.
The test protocol ensures that the temperature testing lab is informed about the thermal constraints to be applied to the product or to the equipment. We can assist you with preparing the test protocol.

As a matter of routine, on completion of the thermal test Ater Métrologie will provide you with the test report. On request, the Laboratory will issue an unbiased qualification dossier.

This document certifies that the product satisfies market requirements and current regulations. It is enforceable and may be used as evidence in the event of a dispute

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Ater Métrologie will work with you on any other requests for tests

Do you want to test bulky items of equipment? Do you need to conduct mechanical tests?

Ater Métrologie is associated with trusted business partners that can offer other testing services. We can manage your project or put you in touch with our business partners – the choice is yours.

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Metrology instruments and highly-specialised climatic tests

Sophisticated thermal testing facilities

As one of the world’s largest metrology and thermal measurement laboratories, Ater Métrologie is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and software.

Its 11 programmable, thermostatically-controlled climatic chambers have an effective capacity of 16 m³. They are capable of reproducing temperatures between –80 °C and +50 °C, with or without humidity control.

A guarantee of qualification by a certified environmental testing laboratory

The Ater Métrologie testing laboratory conducts climatic tests that comply with the most rigorous demands imposed by certification authorities.

The Laboratory is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, as well as being certified by ISTA, in conjunction with its work with the pharmaceutical sector. Ater Métrologie is capable of conducting temperature tests in accordance with all current regulations and standards.

Reliable and secure data

Ater Métrologie is equipped with measuring instruments that are linked to national calibration standards via a Cofrac-certified laboratory, which guarantees the accuracy and the reproducibility of the results obtained from the thermal tests.

The thermal testing laboratory’s measuring instruments and IT system ensure that the data is totally secure. The Laboratory benefits from a partnership with Eurotherm (part of the Invensys Group), one of the world leaders in the recording, monitoring, process control and management of data. The Eurotherm software programs used by Ater Métrologie comply with the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 concerning the security, integrity and traceability of sensitive data.

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